TL;DR — Get a phone call reminding you of an upcoming meeting in your calendar. Setup using Zapier, any calendar, and Twilio. If you’re here for the Twilio referral link, here it is. Total cost: $0

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself missing soooo many meetings.

Yes, I missed another meeting :<

And not…

Hello, world! I recently wrote a post about why I’m embarking on an entrepreneurship journey. It was a great self-reflection exercise, but it lacked details about where exactly this journey is headed. So let’s dive in.

Imagine you were in a car accident, wait, no, that’s terrible — but it…

Entrepreneurship has always been a goal in my life. Most of the people I admired were entrepreneurs of some sort. My dad ran his own company since I can remember, and is still churning early-stage startups. My uncle, a mentor since childhood, created his own financial empire at a relatively…

Joey Baruch

Software engineer, aspiring entrepreneur, dad, husband, night-owl.

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